Saturday, August 4, 2007

Don't blame the platform for failure

I just read this great article about not blaming a platform (in this case Second Life) if you have the wrong goals or poor execution. Read it here (article). What it states simply is that some platforms are made for selling, some for brand building and so forth. New immersive worlds need to be approached differently. See our earlier post titled It's about the "cliques". These new web platforms build relationships and are not the best place to just recreate a real-world store and expect the dollars to start rolling in.

Instead, businesses need to figure out the "why" to why they should be there. Just jumping in because you don't want to get left behind is not an adequate why - and we tell clients this all the time. Sometimes money is still best spent the old fashioned way (and not even with Sentient!) in beefing up customer service, buying TV spots, sponsorships and so forth. If you want to chat about who should enter these new worlds, why and how, please let me know.

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