Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Social Bookmarking: stop getting lost in your bookmarks.

STOP using your browser to bookmark sites! If you're like me and have a hard time remembering websites you visit infrequently, bookmarking the old way was probably only helpful when the list is short. Once my bookmark list got too long, finding sites was more of hassle than it is worth, and who has time to organize on the fly?

Social bookmarking puts your dog eared websites on a social network. You simply sign up and start tagging. There’s a short learning curve, but once you get accustomed to tagging sites, you will find social bookmarking to be very useful and almost a second nature to use.

Here is a video I found on YouTube that breaks it down quite nicely.

Okay, now you should understand why the old way is out dated.

Blinklist.com is the service I use. The layout is clean and the design intuitive. "Blinking" a site is simple once you have the plug in installed you simply use the new Blinklist menu in your browser tool bar and go to "Blink it!" a pop up box comes up where you add your tags and description for the site that you are on.

Some others I have tried are StumbleUpon, del.icio.us, ma.gnolia and Furl all of which are clean and intuitive you will just need to find the one you like best.

For a more complete list go to eConsultant or my growing list of related sites

Also, try searching a social bookmarking site instead of the conventional search engines and you will get better search results. The strength in numbers properties that have made Facebook and Myspace so powerful will help enhance your search. The reason being that someone else has probably already added a site or multiple sites that fit your search and decided that the site is worthwhile. Your search results are now not only qualified to have the content you are looking for, but have been deemed noteworthy by your peers. They took care of most of the weeding through for you.

I’d love to hear about your thoughts or experiences with Social Bookmarking please add your comments here.

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