Monday, May 2, 2011

Research Less, Know More

We have just launched icanmakeitbetter, a new innovation and market research platform. Our platform enables companies and communities to create, share, and act upon ideas to drive innovation and make everything, and every day better. In a nutshell we built a platform that allows businesses, government and organizations to:

  • Innovate: Community driven idea portal.
  • Research: Conduct primary market research that is faster, cheaper and more actionable than ever before.
Check out this quick video overview:
What can you do on the platform?

  1. Get great new ideas from customers and the community.
  2. Gather feedback on bugs and improvements for your website, products, software, services, you name it.
  3. Provide a single place for your community to provide innovation and feedback - don't lose feedback across Twitter, Facebook, etc. where ideas get lost, are not vetted or researched.
  4. Build a CAB (Customer Advisory Board).
  5. Conduct online focus groups.
  6. Build a panel/market research online community cheaper, quicker and of higher quality.
  7. Conduct market research - usability, creative testing, product development...
We hope you like the platform. We already have Dell and the City of Austin on the platform. Let us know how you think you could use it!

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