Monday, December 12, 2011 2.0 released!

My apologies for the lack of recent posts. We have been extremely busy launching new clients on and building our 2.0 release - announced today!

This release includes many tweaks for speed and stability, but also takes the platform to an entirely new level with these key features:

  1. Facebook app: In 30 seconds add our app to your Facebook page and start innovating and conducting market research.
  2. Customization: Customize "How can you make it better?" text, customize Forum text and more.
  3. Public Discussions: Create open "town-hall" meetings.
  4. Customize all system emails.
  5. Improved discussions: Super cool new expanding features and user flow, makes the user experience way better!
  6. Private Communities: That's right, create completely private online communities for innovation and research with employees, partners, you name it. Limit by invite, IP or email address.
  7. Enhanced security: SSL, email validation.
  8. Updated website: - scroll down and check out the new "how this works" and "key features"
  9. Improved Forums: make Forums private, choose where Forum ideas show and more.
  10. Feature Box: Promote a Forum, Idea, Survey, or Discussion in one click to your home page.
  11. Surveys!: Now create quick and easy question-of-the-day or full surveys and promote right on your home page. Integrated reporting and unique ability to allow respondents to see how the community answered if you choose.
A few screen shots are below, but please contact us with any questions or needs at all. Thank you!

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