Wednesday, July 17, 2013 continues to grow - Patty and Sheri join the team!

We are super excited (really - super + excited) to have Patty and Sheri join us!

Patty Riley has joined as Director of Business Development. Prior to joining, Patty worked as Sales Director for CSIdentity (CSID). At CSID Patty helped to grow the company from a small start-up with a staff of 12 to the leading global provider of identity protection solutions with a team of over 150.

Sheri Stark recently joined the team as Research Manager. Shari will manage’s growing roster of insight communities and integrated feedback platform launches. Sheri brings a unique background with 6+ years’ experience at Cambia Information Group merging primary market research and specialized technology solutions. Sheri worked on projects ranging from brand engagement to strategy, and customer marketing.

We are always looking to bring on amazing renaissance professionals – those that  love to learn, have eclectic disciplines and singular focus on excellence. We found exactly that in both Sheri and Patty. They will add tremendous value to our company as a whole, but also to our clients by bringing skills ranging from building the world’s leading identity protection platform (not an easy task) to in-depth market research and innovation skills married to technical project management. These are not your standard resumes! And, that is exactly what we and our clients look for – creativity, innovation, actionable insights, impeccable service and above all integrity. We are honored these two wonderful women have chosen to share their time and talents with us.

Please join me in welcoming them to the team.

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